Ted’s of Fayville


Light-Duty Towing – Ted’s of Fayville is New England’s transportation specialist. We employ a large fleet of tow trucks that cater specifically to light-duty towing. We have light-duty wheel-lifts and flatbed carriers at our disposal and will gladly tow your vehicle to the location of your choice — safely and efficiently.

Our trucks are equipped with the specialty equipment to tow all types of passenger cars and trucks, including dollies, loading ramps and more.

When it comes to transporting low-profile vehicles or difficult-to-move equipment, our professional staff is unmatched. We also use innovatively designed car carriers that accommodate high-end, exotic vehicles. From a luxury automobile to the family mini-van, we tow them with the care and handling our customers expect.

Heavy-Duty Towing – Ted’s of Fayville is known for having innovative, state-of-the-art equipment designed for heavy-duty towing. Our fleet, which has towing and transport authority in 48 states, includes heavy-duty underlifts designed to tow tractor-trailers, damaged semi-trailers, recreational vehicles, coach buses and more. Our trucks are equipped with towing accessories and adapters to fit virtually all heavy trucks, which means we can tow your vehicle efficiently, safely and worry-free.

But even the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment requires competent operators behind the controls, and Ted’s operators have the training, certification and experience to provide professional heavy-duty towing service second to none.