Ted’s of Fayville



Ted’s of Fayville was started in 1929 with one tow truck. Over the years the business has evolved into a successful organization with a fleet some 30 trucks strong.

Ted’s of Fayville has retained the company’s long-standing tradition of service. As towing technology improved through the years, Ted’s has made every effort to stay on top of the game. In the 1970s, Ted’s led the way by adding an air cushion recovery unit to the fleet, along with a Hubbard 30-ton — the first heavy-duty, all-hydraulic unit in the Northeast.

By the 1980s, Ted’s was transferring heavy loads on flatbeds and utilizing hydraulic-tilt trailers to transport buses and specialty equipment. We were quick to recognize the importance of wheel-lift technology as it emerged, and our Bro hydraulic underlift was one of the first in New England.

Ted’s has continued to maintain the company’s original pioneering attitude with technologically superior equipment, courteous staff and a commitment to service. As a result, Ted’s of Fayville has earned a solid reputation for providing customers with high-quality service they can count on.

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